Our partners

Our school community is deeply grateful for the support we have received from our partners over the years. Unfortunately, the Irish Government provides no financial support to educational alternatives; our success has depended on the generous backing and encouragement from our partners.

software ag stiftung

The Software Foundation is the charitable arm of a successful German company founded by  Waldorf graduate Peter Schnell.  It supports educational and social enterprises world wide, and provided financial support to our school at its founding in 2001 through to helping us build the new classroom on our current permanent site.

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TUS - the Technological University of the Shannon, (formerly LIT, Limerick Institute of Technology) - has been a longstanding supporter of our alternative approach to second level education, which it sees as a means of improving access to third level education for students who would be otherwise educationally disadvantaged.  Currently we are in partnership to deliver the university’s Certificate in Transition to Higher Education, which provides an alternative portfolio assessed route to Direct Access third level courses.

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rethink ireland logo

Rethink Ireland (formerly the Social Innovation Fund Ireland) has helped to transform the scope of our work over the last five years.  Through its combination of financial support and practical training in the art of project development, our school has trebled in size and become known nationwide as thought leader in educational alternatives.

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