Application Process

Enrolment in ALFA's programmes is open to all students of secondary school age.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. Enquiry - Communication is established through e-mails or telephone calls with the School Administrator.
  2. Visit - A first visit can be as simple as parents and student coming along for an hour to observe in an informal way and meet a few teachers and students.
  3. Registration & Day Visit - Parents wishing to proceed then complete the school’s Enrolment Form and return with the most recent school report, any relevant assessments and the registration fee. We then ask students to have a Day Visit with us - they join the relevant teaching group for a day’s lessons, have an enrolment interview with one of the teachers and parents have a conversation with the School Administrator.
  4. Enrolment from overseas - In addition to email communications and exchange of documents, we will where possible arrange a video call.
  5. Where there are Additional Learning Needs, the school will assess whether the needs of the student and the needs of the wider learning group can be met by the limited resources we have to offer.

Probationary Period & Formal Admission

The first month is formally a trial period for both student and school. At the end of the first month of the enrolment, the College of Teachers will agree either to the formal admission of the student, or the extension of the probationary status. In circumstances where the College determines that the school does not have sufficient resources to support a student's needs, it may decide that it is not possible to continue to offer a place.

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